British woman fears arrest after drunkenly abusing Muslim

British woman fears arrest after drunkenly abusing Muslim
Photo credit: YouTube

A British woman who fired racist abuse at a Muslim over the veil she was wearing is now terrified she will face charges, according to reports.

Kerrie Anne Turner, 48, was apparently heavily intoxicated when she launched a malicious tirade at the woman and her husband at a supermarket in west London.

Speaking to the couple from the checkout, Ms Turner called the woman's niqab "disgusting" and said her husband should not allow her "to go around like that".

"Do you know the Qu'ran? And you're supposed to be a peaceful f***ing person!" she yelled.

"She looks like a bloody pillar box! A pillar box! That is disgusting and should be banned."

Ms Turner was flanked by her partner for the entire tirade, but he stood there blank-faced, refusing to butt in or try to calm her down.

A friend of Ms Turner's told the Daily Mail she had been crying on the phone, saying she was upset the footage of her outburst had been uploaded online.

Ms Turner, who has apparently fled her hometown for a few days, also expressed that she was worried about being arrested.

Police are currently investigating the incident, which took place on Monday (local time).