Alleged burqa-wearing thief arrested in Melbourne

Alleged burqa-wearing thief arrested in Melbourne
Photo credit: AAP

Melbourne police are investigating the alleged robbery of a fast-food outlet by a person wearing a burqa in the suburb of Croydon on Saturday night.

Detectives have so far charged one man and a woman is assisting with enquiries.

Maroondah Crime Investigation Unit alleges a person entered the store just after 5:30pm wearing a head covering similar to a niqab or burqa.

A 38-year-old Frankston man has been charged with armed robbery and other related offences, and has been remanded in custody.

Officers allege the pair were involved in three other robberies in the area.

A woman whose grandaughter works at the store said the robber took money and put it in a bag before leaving the store.

The burqa-inspired disguise happened less than a week after controversial Australian politician Pauline Hanson wore a burqa into the the parliamentary senate debating chamber, in a stunt designed to have the Islamic garment banned in Australia.