Canadian father denounces 'sexist' supermarket signs

The father denounced the 'sexist' signs in a supermarket car park.
The father denounced the 'sexist' signs in a supermarket car park. Photo credit: Twitter- Justin Simard

A Canadian father used the power of social media to call out a supermarket chain after an unwelcoming encounter with the store's car park signs.

Justin Simard visited a Sobeys supermarket on Prince Edward Island, Canada with his nine-month-old son only to be confronted by "sexist" signs in the parking lot.

Mr Simard tweeted a picture of himself with his son in front of the signs that read "Expecting Mothers" and "Mothers with Small Children".

He captioned the tweet, "@sobeys crap, am I allowed to park here? #notababysitter #dadissues."

The supermarket was quick to respond to Mr Simard.

"You are definitely entitled to that parking spot, Justin! Which location was this so we can update the signage? #SuperDad," the tweet said.

The experience wasn't one he was expecting, Mr Simard told the Huffington Post.

"When I went to get out of my car, the person in the spot next to me gave me a dirty look, which quickly vanished when I took my son out of his car seat,"

Mr Simard said he was "blown away" by Sobeys timely response but more can be done to address sexism.

"Blatant sexism is easy to denounce, but I think it's important to see the non-inclusive language that is all around us, recognise it, and replace it."

The father gained an enormous amount of support on Twitter.