'Dick-dropping' the latest in disturbing sexting trends

Men are using AirDrop to send unsolicited dick pics.
Men are using AirDrop to send unsolicited dick pics. Photo credit: Getty

Perves have found a new way to target unsuspecting women, using Apple's 'AirDrop' network to send unsolicited dick pics. 

Reports of the trend surfaced in Australia this week, with many women being the unfortunate recipients of what's been branded 'cyber-flashing'. 

As the network doesn't require a number or email address, authorities are struggling to track the perpetrators. 

Shannon Aldwell, a videographer in Sydney, was one just of the women who received a dick-drop this week. 

'Dick-dropping' the latest in disturbing sexting trends
Photo credit: Supplied

"I was on the train for three stops, so about ten minutes, and I was standing at the door scrolling through Facebook when the AirDrop request popped up," said Ms Aldwell. "The name 'Hugh Dick' paired with the emojis left little to the imagination as to what this photo was going to be."

While Australian mobile users have reported the trend this week, this isn't the first time someone's received a stranger's nudes via AirDrop, with women reporting similar incidents in London and New York. 

According to numerous national surveys conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission, women are overwhelmingly on the receiving end of sexual harrassment - with one-third of women reporting sexual harrassment since the age of 15. 

Mobile users have been urged to keep AirDrop switched off while out in public.