Drunkard threatens to molest man's kids, gets swift justice

Drunkard threatens to molest man's kids, gets swift justice
Photo credit: Mercury Print & Media

An enraged father has delivered a rapid and violent response after a would-be-attacker threatened to "fiddle with [his] kids" and sell them synthetic drugs during an argument.

Footage of the incident in Wrexham, North Wales, shows the pair getting into a heated quarrel on the street side - the two men trading insults and challenging each other to make their dispute a physical one.

Witnesses told local media that the man who fired the molestation threats was heavily intoxicated and "looking for a fight" before filming began.

"I sell Mamba to your kids," the drunk man can be heard yelling in the face of his opponent.

Mamba is a synthetic drug prominent in the UK, similar in chemical make-up to synthetics recently made illegal in New Zealand.

"Is that drugs? You're selling drugs to my daughter?" the man responds. "She's four."

Undeterred, the inebriated man launched another threat aimed at his daughter.

"I fiddle with your kids," he said - however, he'd barely got the words out when a barrage of punches started, the father following him down the street to launch more blows at his head.

The man eventually succumbs to the punches, falling onto the road in a heap as the man yells a warning at him.

"I warned you. Fiddle with my kids?" he repeated incredulously.

"Don't come over here again mate, or I'll put you in a f**king hospital."

The man on the receiving end of the beating reportedly had his chin "split in half" and would likely require six stitches to remedy the wound, according to a witness.

North Wales Police say the assault was not reported, but said they may consider action if they can identify either of those involved.