Elderly couple kiss, hold hands before double-euthanasia

  • 15/08/2017
Nic and Trees Elderhorst.
Nic and Trees Elderhorst. Photo credit: Elderhorst Family

An elderly couple suffering from deteriorating physical health have died together holding hands after sharing one last kiss, in a double euthanasia pact.

Netherland residents Nic and Trees Elderhorst died surrounded by loved ones in their hometown of Didam.

The two, both 91 years old, had been married for 65 years. Things began to go downhill after Mr Elderhorst suffered a stroke in 2012.

His wife began struggling to walk, and suffered from memory loss.

The decision was made for both to die after the geriatrician decided Ms Elderhorst was mentally competent, but the loss of her husband could leave her "completely disoriented".

"Dying together was their deepest wish," the couple's daughter told the local The Gelderlander.

According to the paper, the two felt "their lives had no purpose anymore".

"They gave each other a big kiss and passed away confidently holding hands, according to their own wish," the couple's daughter said.

While euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, there are still several strict requirements before someone can die.

It's unusual for both pensioners to be eligible for euthanasia at the same time, making double-euthanasia incredibly rare, a spokesperson from the Dutch Voluntary Life Termination Association told The Gelderlander.