Elephants rescue flood-stricken tourists in Nepal

Hundreds of tourists in Nepal will have had a holiday they'll never forget, after elephants were deployed to rescue them.

Severe flooding has displaced millions in parts of northern India, Bangladesh and southern Nepal, with the death toll up to 218 and still expected to rise.

But in the Chitwan district of Nepal, an unusual group of rescue workers took action.

The region is popular with visitors for rhino watching and elephant rides, so when the Chitwan National Park was flooded out, there was an obvious source of help.

Around 300 guests were rescued on elephant-back, Suman Ghimire, head of a group of hotel owners there, told Reuters.

Others were expected to be rescued in the coming days.

A Nepalese youth watching as Crane managing road that occurred due to the heavy rainfall at Timbu Khola, Aambathan, Melamchi, Nepal on Wednesday, August 09, 2017. Due to the heavy rainfall many places of Melamchi - Helambu Roads were heavily flooded.  (Photo by Narayan Maharjan/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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Around 26 of Nepal's 75 districts have been devastated by the heavy rain, with tens of thousands of homes drowned by water and landslides ripping through the region.

Dozens of people have been reported missing, but rescuers still haven't been able to reach a number of villages cut-off by the disaster.

The death toll across all the regions affected is expected to rise.