Fireworks set off inside UK pizzeria in suspected revenge attack

Fireworks set off inside UK pizzeria in suspected revenge attack
Hello Pizza employs say they're now "too frightened to come to work" Photo credit: Facebook / Hello Pizza

Staff of a takeaway store in Liverpool are convinced that revenge is the driving force behind an attack on their restaurant.

In terrifying footage of the incident, a man can be seen entering Hello Pizza with the box of explosives and dropping it in the entranceway at about 9:30pm on Monday (local time), before closing the door and running away.

The three staff members working at the store can be seen fleeing in a panic, desperately trying to distance themselves from the box. One staff member had to climb over the counter to get away from it.

The fireworks then went off, exploding in all directions, bouncing off the surrounding surfaces and filling the premises with smoke. The pizzeria has been left with superficial damage.

Hello Pizza's manager says he's sure the attack is an act of revenge after going to the police when a staff member discovered a shotgun pellet in a pizza box.

"We had to ring police and report it otherwise our insurance would have been invalidated," he told the Liverpool Echo.

"Those involved must have seen that as us giving them up to the police and attacked us in this way to show us that.

"We are just trying to run our business and earn a living and now my staff are too frightened to come to work."

Police are investigating the incident, and are currently reviewing CCTV footage.