Florida shark shooting: Investigation launched after video emerges

Warning: This video contains images that may disturb some people.

An investigation has been launched after video emerged of a man shooting a hammerhead shark multiple times in Florida.

It's against the law to kill marine life with explosives, chemicals or firearms in the state's waters.

The video shows a man in a red hat pulling the fishing line to bring the shark above the water, in Siesta Key. He then points a pistol at it and shoots it twice in its gills, as the others on the boat laugh.

It comes after video emerged of a shark being dragged by its fin behind a boat, also in Florida.

Animal rights activists believe it's the same group of people in both videos. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is investigating.

"[T]he FWC would like to state that that the lack of respect shown in this video for our precious natural resources is disheartening and disturbing, and is not representative of conservation-minded anglers around the world," it said in a statement when the first video was released last week.