Hurricane Harvey: Man unicycles through stormy weather

A hurricane bearing down on the US may be the worst storm to hit the country since Hurricane Katrina, but not all residents are perturbed.

Hurricane Harvey has been upgraded to a Category 4 storm, slowly approaching Texas where it's expected to dump more than a metre of rain in some areas.

Residents have been warned to take shelter, with 200km/h winds predicted, however some have decided they'd rather enjoy the rain.

One such man was filmed by CBS-affiliate KHOU, at Galveston Beach on the Texas coast.

He wasn't even dressed for the weather, wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt, shorts and a cap as he rode his unicycle on the beach.

While he was alone on his unicycle, he wasn't alone on the beach, with others turning up to take photos and push themselves to their limits in the lashing rains.

Even though they may seem to be enjoying themselves, others shouldn't follow suit, and instead batten down and brace themselves for the worst storm to hit the continental US in more than a decade.