India floods leave millions homeless,1200 dead

At least 1200 people have been killed and millions left without homes after a devastating flood struck south Asia.

Record-breaking monsoon rain has left regions in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh in turmoil, the countries having been hit hard by rain in the last few months.

Hundreds of villages in all three nations have been wiped out, while Mumbai has been inundated with waist-deep water.

Aid organisations say they simply cannot access a number of villages due to the severity of the flooding, meaning there are millions of people still going without food and clean water.

Flooding is commonplace in south Asia during monsoon months - but authorities say this is far more severe than anything in its recent history.

It is estimated that 17 million of the 27 million people affected are based in India alone, with thousands there now finding refuge in specially set-up camps.

The eastern state of Bihar has seen deaths of more than 500 people, while in the northern Uttar Pradesh, more than 100 have been killed and 2.5 million affected.

Heavy rains are anticipated to continue over the next 24 hours, making aid and rescue efforts more difficult.

If you wish to donate to relief efforts in south Asia, you can do so here.


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