Indian minor marries Sheik in his 60s

Indian minor marries Sheik in his 60s
Photo credit: India Today

A 16-year-old Hyderabadi girl has married a 65-year-old Omani Sheik, after the girl's uncle sold her for NZ$10,682. 

The Sheik was visiting Hyderabad just prior to Ramzan when the girl's uncle, Sikander, arranged for the two to be married - even getting a qazi (priest) to perform the ceremony at a hotel. 

Mr Sikander allegedly showed the girl videos depicting the luxurious lifestyle she would have if she married the Omani Sheik. 

Once the girl agreed and the two married, the Sheik and his minor bride spent four days at a local hotel, before the girl was left under Sikander's guardianship.

In the meantime, the Omani national arranged passports and other necessary documents for her flight to Oman. 

The Sheik has said he will only return the girl if he is paid back the NZ$10,682. 

The girl's mother, Syeed Unnisa, has lodged a complaint with police, and is currently fighting to get her daughter back.