Infowars host Alex Jones attacked with 'scalding' hot coffee

Alex Jones and Jake Stratton.
Alex Jones and Jake Stratton. Photo credit: Alex Jones / Periscope

Alex Jones got more than he bargained for after a public rant saw him getting soaked in coffee.  

The infamous conspiracy theorist and Infowars host hit the streets of Seattle earlier this week, complaining about the media coverage of the attack in Barcelona. 

Mr Jones began his livestreamed rant holding up a copy of newspaper USA Today, complaining its headlines failed to mention the attackers' religious backgrounds. 

Mr Jones yelled at passersby, calling consumers of mainstream media "cowards" and "frauds, among more colourful insults. Most of his targets pulled the finger at Mr Jones and walked off.

"These little trendy cowards want to tell people like me to F off... That's all [they've] got is 'f**k you','" said Mr Jones. "Well, you know, f**k you. Look at this [USA Today], these people are the biggest cucks on the planet."

It was here that a man could be heard in the background saying, "You're trash."

Jones quickly turned and walked towards the man: "Come here, coward, tell these people intellectually who you are."

"Intellectually who I am?" said the man. "I'm your mama."

The Infowars host turned to the camera and said: "This is what they've turned people into. This is it right here, a literal slave to the system."

This is when the man unscrewed the top of his thermos and poured its contents onto Mr Jones. 

While the host didn't show any signs of pain, he later took to Twitter to describe the liquid as both "boiling" and "scalding". 

Despite the ordeal, Mr Jones remained resilient.

"I think more and more, I'm gonna go to these cities," he said.

"I think I might let these people kill me. Pull out a knife, I'm just ready. I'm just ready like Christ to take your savage attacks."