Kiwi woman receives accidental windfall from Queensland bank

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A woman received more than NZ$685,000 in four separate deposits into her savings account. Photo credit: Getty

A Kiwi woman said she feels "taunted" by her bank after her account received multiple mistaken deposits totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Queensland based Rebecca Rosvall received more than NZ$685,000 in four separate deposits into her Suncorp Bank savings account over 13 months. 

Last weekend she discovered two deposits, totalling almost $430,000, in her account.

The bank, one of Queensland's biggest, told the West Australian human error had caused the mistakes.

The 24-year-old said when she saw how much had been deposited, a few scenarios, including a possible inheritance, had crossed her mind.

"I thought it might have been an inheritance or something, I just didn't know. I took $100 to make sure it was real and then I contacted the bank", she said.

In July last year, Ms Rosvall received the first of the four deposits after $108,000 was added as a credit.

A deposit for $161,532 from Warmoll Foods followed, and one for $267,292 from a meat processing business. Twice in three months she received deposits from the food business.

A Suncorp spokeswoman said the incorrect transactions were being examined but did not say whether the bank had made the same mistake with other accounts.

"At this stage it appears the transactions were the result of human error. No customers' money has been lost as a result and Suncorp believes this is an isolated case", she said.

But Ms Rosvall said the responsibility of reporting each transaction had fallen on her and the bank had neither apologised or acknowledged her gesture in notifying the bank.

"I feel like someone is trying to taunt me with it," she said.

"They said they investigated it and after a while they said someone had stuffed-up and promised it wouldn't happen again."

At first all she wanted was thanks, she said, "and the second time I got angry. This can't keep happening. They haven't even offered a thank you".

Ms Rosvall handled the initial incorrect deposits but her sister helped with those that followed. She said her sister had to approach the Ombudsman after the bank wouldn't work with her as she wasn't the account holder.

"They told me the first and second times it wouldn't happen again. They said legally they could not talk about this," she said.

When contacted by the press, a Warmoll Foods spokesman said they weren't aware of the issue.