Lesbianism 'more credible' cause of hurricane than climate change - Ann Coulter

Infamous conservative political commentator Ann Coulter has once again landed herself in hot water - this time for comments on homosexuality and climate change in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The hurricane has been held up as an example of the effects of global warming, with many climate scientists saying it likely played a part in the severity of the storm, which has killed at least 17 people and forced 30,000 to flee to emergency shelters.

But the US writer and media personality suggested the devastation wreaked by the major weather event could more credibly be attributed to the sexuality of the city's former mayor than climate change.

Coulter, a well-known climate change denier, made the remark in a tweet on Wednesday (NZ time).

The ex-Houston Mayor in question, Annise Parker, became one of the first openly gay mayors in a US city when she was appointed in 2010 - a feat made all the more impressive as Texas is a red state.

Ms Parker has not responded to the comments - but hordes of Twitter users have, taking issue with both Coulter's controversial views on same-sex relationships and global warming.

Coulter's comment is the latest in a series of controversial remarks.

In the past, she has been blasted for stating that radiation above recommended levels is actually good for people, and for calling former US President Bill Clinton a "forcible rapist" during a speech.