Low-IQ Americans lose custody of kids

Amy Fabbrini is fighting to get custody of her kids back.
Amy Fabbrini is fighting to get custody of her kids back. Photo credit: Change.org

An American mom and dad have had both their children taken away from them by the State after scoring poorly on IQ tests.

Oregon couple Amy Fabbrini, 31, and Eric Ziegler, 38, were required to take the intelligence tests after questions were raised over their parenting style.

Fabbrini and Ziegler have now lost custody of both older son Christopher and their second child, Hunter.

A relative complained to authorities about Christopher's well-being when he was a baby.

A child welfare report alleged Mr Ziegler had almost rolled over on the child while he was sleeping with the baby on the floor.

Another complaint made by Ms Fabbrini's own father claimed he and his wife were acting as primary caregivers because he felt his daughter didn't have the "instincts to be a mother".

Mr Ziegler scored 66 in the IQ test, Fabbrini 72, The Oregonian reported - the IQ of the average person ranges from 90 to 110.

Mr Ziegler receives financial aid through the US's Social Security programme due to a mental disability.

But the parents are fighting to get custody of their children back, with a Change.org petition launched on their behalf.

For now, they are having to settle for supervised visits.