Marijuana company buys entire town in California, United States

A marijuana company in the United States has bought an entire town with plans to turn it into a "pot paradise".

Nipton, in the southeast Californian desert, hosts only a handful of houses, a coffee shop and an old west-style hotel. Fewer than two dozen people live in the town.

But American Green, one of the largest weed companies in America, plans to revamp the 100-year-old town into what it calls "an energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination".

The town's current owner, Roxanne Lang, won't reveal the agreed price, but told CBS News her late husband "would find a lot of humour" in the buyers' plans.

"The cannabis revolution that's going on here in the US has the power to completely revitalise communities," says American Green president David Gwyther.

Carl Cavaness, who works at the hotel, told CBS News he hopes the new owners will let him and his wife stay, saying they "like the quiet and solitude".

But that solitude may not last much longer, with the company planning to reach out to pot-industry businesses, hoping they'll be interested in relocating to Nipton and bringing jobs with them.