New York City restaurant fires server who put racist slur on receipt

An Asian customer noticed the receipt read "Ching Chong" instead of her name.
An Asian customer noticed the receipt read "Ching Chong" instead of her name. Photo credit: Facebook

A New York City restaurant has fired a server who referred to an Asian customer as "Ching Chong" on her takeaway receipt.

Last week, a woman went to Cornerstone Café in Manhattan and ordered steak and eggs to take away.

However, when she was given her receipt, she noticed the server had used the racist slur instead of her name.

The woman showed her daughter the offensive receipt, who then shared it with her friend, Ziggy Chau.

Ms Chau posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook, asking others to speak out against racism.

"This just happened to my friend's mother...right here in NYC!!" Ms Chau said.

"The perception that Asians don't speak up needs to change. It's also hard to speak up for others when we as a whole don't speak up for ourselves. This needs to change in order for all of us to combat racism together," she wrote.

The restaurant's manager reportedly posted an apology to its Facebook page.

"This situation leaves me no choice than to terminate this employee for this unjustified act. It definitely does not reflect the way the Cornerstone staff or I think because of one individuals stupidity," the manager wrote, according to NBC New York.

Cornerstone Cafe has received a number of 1-star reviews on its Facebook page mentioning the incident, with some calling to boycott the restaurant altogether.

Ms Chau has since updated her post, writing "Everyone, let's be civilized now. There are many people that are employed by the restaurant whose livelihoods depend on their jobs there and should not suffer because ONE IGNORANT employee thought it was ok to make a racist remark."