Now your mirror can be your own PA

The smart mirror will even take your selfies
The smart mirror will even take your selfies Photo credit: Instagram

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished it could take a selfie of your unbelievable gorgeousness? Now it can. 

Startup Mirrocool is a "smart mirror". You simply place it on your wall, and it acts like a giant, permanent iPhone screen.

The mirror uses facial recognition software to allow it to be your very own personal assistant. All you have to do to navigate through its functions is wink, smile or blink.

The mirror synchs with your personal devices to bring up your email, appointments, social media updates, news, traffic and weather.

And yes, it will even take selfies for you. It can even detect intruders in your home while you're out by live streaming a feed of your house to your phone.

It's currently on Kickstarter and aims to be released this month.

The San Francisco-based product is currently selling for US$179.