Parents reveal final hours with Charlie Gard

Parents reveal final hours with Charlie Gard
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The parents of Charlie Gard have revealed how they spent their last hours with their son, after dropping his legal battle for life.

The British child's plight went global after British courts refused permission for him to undergo experimental therapy in the United States for his rare genetic condition.

Charlie was 11 months old. He suffered from an extremely rare genetic condition, infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which causes progressive brain damage and muscle weakness.

After his death on Friday, parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard took their infant home, dressed in a blue sleep suit, and lay him in a cot to spend time with him before the funeral.

"Once home, it was lovely to sit and watch him, lying there like any other baby," Ms Yates told the Daily Mail, "not surrounded by equipment and machinery, without anything obscuring his lovely face."

The parents still believe if they had been allowed to get treatment for him earlier, he could have been saved. But doctors said six months ago he was already showing signs of "irreversible damage" to his brain, and the effects were unstoppable.

The European Court of Human Rights agreed, saying it would prolong his suffering without any realistic prospect of helping the child.

However, that decision divided many others around the world, including both the Pope and US President Donald Trump, who sided with the parents.