Puppy survives fatal car crash which killed owner

  • 18/08/2017
Cement mixer
The cement mixer toppled onto a car but the family puppy survived and was later returned. Photo credit: Facebook

A puppy who miraculously survived a freak car accident is the reminder of a woman's husband who died in the crash.

Two-month-old puppy Conrad disappeared after the accident in Quezon City, Philippines on Tuesday (NZT) which saw a cement mixer topple onto and crush the Ramos family's sedan, killing 34 year old Ulysses.

The mixer was driving behind the sedan when it bumped the back of the car, drove up beside it then rolled over onto the car, flattening the roof and crushing Ulysses Ramos.

His wife, Marife Ramos, 35, and their three children aged 12, 8, and 4 survived with injuries.

The family, and puppy Conrad, had decided to dine out and get groceries when the unlikely accident occurred.

But puppy Conrad was spotted leaving the site by rescuers, reported a staffer at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) to ABS-CBN News.

Jail officer Jenny Ramirez told the news outlet Conrad was brought to the crash survivors as they received first aid in an ambulance, but the family asked rescuers to hold onto the puppy for safekeeping.

However on Thursday night the puppy was returned to the family after Ms Ramirez brought to him to Ulysses' wake at a funeral home.

Ms Ramirez said she hoped returning the puppy would help them cope with their loss, "I became emotional at the thought that they lost a family member", she said. 

Ms Ramos told ABS-CBN News Ulysses bought the dog on Wednesday morning as a surprise gift for his kids.