Racist place names wiped from Queensland maps

The E.S. Nigger Brown stand stood at Toowoomba until 2008.
The E.S. Nigger Brown stand stood at Toowoomba until 2008. Photo credit: AAP

Queensland is moving to erase racist place names from its colonial past from the map.

The Natural Resources and Mines Department removed references to the name Niggers Bounce in north Queensland from its databases, after community outrage.

And the department is discontinuing some other place names - Mount Nigger, Nigger Head and Nigger Creek.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich told the Brisbane Times he was glad the department was finally acting to remove the "deeply offensive" derogatory terms that caused pain to Indigenous Australians and other minorities.

"We welcome the removal of those names, since the N-word is an unmistakably racial slur, and a potent symbol of slavery, white supremacy and violence," Dr Abramovich said.

Murdering Creek, Skull Hole and The Leap are among other Queensland place names still in use that reflect a violent history.

University of Queensland research fellow Jonathan Richards told the Times that "some 'pioneers' killed many people".

"The broader community needs to learn more about our true history - not the 'whitewashed versions' - because as long as memorials to frontier 'heroes' remain place and uncorrected, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are constantly reminded of the cruel and violent racism of Australia's past," Mr Richards said.

The E.S. Nigger Brown Stand stood at the former Toowoomba Sports Ground
until the stadium's demolition in 2008. It has been redeveloped into the Clive Berghofer Stadium.

The issue is also raging in the US over statues commemorating figures such as Confederate Army general Robert E. Lee.