River so polluted, it's turning dogs blue

A polluted river in India is turning local dogs blue. No, not making them sad - literally turning them blue.

At least five of the strangely coloured canines have been spotted roaming the streets of Navi Mumbai, near the heavily polluted Kasadi River, reports the Hindustan Times.

"It was shocking to see how the dogs' white fur had turned completely blue," said local animal activist Arati Chauhan.

Investigators say nearly 1000 companies discharge waste into the river, but they've narrowed down the dogs' discolouration to a factory where detergents are made. The dogs' blue colouring is caused by dye used to make detergents look nice.

"The area is already cordoned off to the public and is in close proximity of the private company. However, five to six dogs entered the site looking for food and got the blue colour on them," pollution control officer Jayavant Hajare told the Times.

"We have given the company seven days to clear the pollutants from the site. If it is not removed then we will issue a notice."

The dogs will be taken in by the local SPCA.

"Once the strays are treated, we will release them in the same area from where they were rounded up," said member Sanjay Jadhav.