Teen arrested for doing Macarena on Saudi Arabian street

A teenager who was filmed dancing the Macarena in a Saudi Arabian street has been arrested.

The 14-year-old boy is being accused of "improper public behaviour", a statement said.

The event took place in the middle of a busy street in the western city of Jeddah.

It is unclear whether the boy is a Saudi Arabian citizen.

The 45-second clip went viral on Twitter and is believed to have been first posted in July 2016, but the boy was arrested on Tuesday (local time).

Some Twitter users have called the boy a "hero", while others say his behaviour was "immoral."

Earlier in the month, a singer was arrested for 'dabbing' during a concert in Saudi Arabia's south-west.

Because of a lack of codified penal law in the country, penalties for children are often left to the discretion of authorities.

It is unclear whether the boy will be formally charged.