Teen pays McDonald's $1.75 for empty paper bag

A Twitter user who documented his attempt at buying a 'nothing burger' from fast food giant McDonald's has seen his post blow up on the internet.

UK teenager Arikuyo used an electronic kiosk to make his purchase of one cheeseburger - except he removed literally everything that made it a cheeseburger.

That means no buns, no patty, no cheese, no onions, no mustard, no ketchup, nor even any gherkins - leaving McDonalds staff nothing to actually make.

However McDonald's doesn't bring down the price for any removed items, meaning he still had to pay the £0.99 ($1.75) he would if he was getting a cheeseburger in its traditional form.

Staff presumably felt bad about that, and still gave him something to pick up - an empty bag, with just his receipt inside so he could prove he'd made the senseless purchase to fellow internet users.

In a series of tweets explaining the rationale behind the buy, Arikuyo said he was just going to remove one ingredient but soon got out of hand.

"I was going to ensure the gherkin was removed and then realised I could remove every single ingredient and of course tried it," he said.

"It's a deep examination into my inner psyche and how at my core I am a broken human being.

"I'm hungry but it was the funniest f**king thing."