Throat cancer patient kills colleague who got him addicted to cigarettes

The 25-year-old Delhi man blamed his colleague for his diagnosis.
The 25-year-old Delhi man blamed his colleague for his diagnosis. Photo credit: Getty

A Delhi man diagnosed with throat cancer has murdered the man who introduced him to smoking.

Mustakeem Ahmad, 25, was arrested on Friday for the murder of his colleague, known only as Inayat, the Hindustan Times reported.

The two worked together as cooks at a restaurant in Uttam Nagar, west Delhi.

"Though Ahmad and Inayat were friends at the workplace, Inayat was reportedly better at his job and well-behaved and soon became the favourite of the restaurant owner," said Shibesh Singh, deputy commissioner of police.

 Ahmad allegedly became jealous of Inayat. He took up smoking cigarettes and marijuana, reportedly under Inayat's influence.

He was diagnosed with throat cancer after seeing a doctor about a throat infection.

Ahmad blamed Inayat for his addiction. His work deteriorated and Ahmad was soon fired from the restaurant.

Ahmad told police he went back to his native village, purchased a pistol and practised firing it to ensure he would not miss.

He returned to the restaurant on Thursday morning to ask the restaurant owner, his own brother-in-law, to fire Inayat. 

Ahmad was carrying a loaded pistol, with which he intended to shoot Inayat if he was not fired. 

After his brother-in-law refused to fire him, Ahmad began arguing with Inayat and eventually shot him. 

Ahmad fled the scene, and Inayat died from his injuries in hospital.