Toddler steals the show on live TV

A television segment about milk allergies quickly took on a different focus than intended when a young girl climbed on to the presenter's desk mid-interview.

ITV host Alastair Stewart was interviewing a mother about milk allergies when Iris got distracted.

Stewart informs the viewers that Iris will "do whatever she chooses to do for the next couple of minutes" as the toddler clambered on the table.

The host managed to keep his cool throughout the segment, pushing forward with the interview.

But Iris' brother became clearly distracted by his sibling, unable to answer some of the presenter's questions.

Despite multiple camera angle changes, the young girl's quick movements meant she featured in most of them.

"Mary Nightingale I think will have a more peaceful time at 6:30," Stewart jokes at the end, finally cracking a laugh.