Trump team did email Kremlin - Putin spokesman

  • 31/08/2017
Putin and Trump
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Photo credit: Getty

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman has confirmed he received an email in January last year from a Donald Trump adviser about a Moscow real estate project, but said he had neither replied nor discussed it with Mr Putin.

The Washington Post reported this week that Michael Cohen, one of Mr Trump's closest business advisers, had emailed Dmitry Peskov, Mr Putin's spokesman, seeking his help in advancing a stalled Trump Tower development project in Moscow.

Mr Trump was running to become US President at the time.

Mr Peskov, answering questions about the matter on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, said he had seen the email among many others he said he received every day, but had not responded to it because the request was not the kind of thing he dealt with in his job as Kremlin spokesman.

"I can confirm that among the mass of emails there was an email from Mr Michael Cohen. This really happened," said Mr Peskov.

He said Mr Cohen had written about "a certain Russian company and certain people" who wanted to build a skyscraper in Moscow and wanted his help in making the stalled project a reality.

But Mr Peskov said the request was off-topic and that responding to it fell outside his job description.

"Because we do not react to such [questions about] business themes, and this is not our job, we left this matter without a response," he said.

He said the Kremlin had not received any other similar requests on the subject and that he had not raised the subject of Cohen's original email with Mr Putin.

"We cannot discuss the hundreds and thousands of various requests from different countries we get with President Putin," Mr Peskov said.