UK suspect filmed biting police dog's head, ear during scuffle

The man was finally apprehended after a seven-minute scuffle.
The man was finally apprehended after a seven-minute scuffle. Photo credit: Manchester Evening News

A wanted man has been caught on camera sinking his teeth into a police dog's head and ear before a police officer was able to apprehend him in Manchester.

The man, a suspected violent offender, was unwilling to surrender to police despite a lengthy police chase through the east Manchester suburb of Hyde.

However after a while, German Shepherd Theo caught up with him and brought him to the ground on a quiet street, where a surprised resident began filming.

Police constable Gareth Greaves, who is Theo's handler, can be seen grabbing at the suspect in an effort to arrest him - but the man is determined, and continues to writhe in desperation to get away.

Another man, who is believed to have known the offender, can be heard directing the man to lash out at the dog as PC Greaves yells at him to leave.

"Bite his ear off! Bite his head!" he shouts - and that the man did, kicking out at the canine before clasping his teeth against Theo's scalp, creating a gash on his head.

After a seven-minute scuffle, the man was finally apprehended - but he had already caused Theo great pain that meant he found it difficult to lie down.

However "a nice warm bath" and a clean of his head wound by PC Greaves' wife "helped patch Theo up", he told Manchester Evening News.

The man in the clip has not received any charges for his attack on Theo.