US police caught 'planting drugs' at crime scene, again

A second incriminating video clip filmed on an officer's body camera may well have uncovered proof of widespread corruption in Baltimore police's ranks.

It comes less than two weeks after a piece of footage was released by the city's Public Defender office allegedly showing a cop planting drugs in a debris-covered backyard.

In the latest video, a group of at least seven officers are filmed at the scene of a drug bust searching a car, but one of the body cameras can be seen being turned off and then back on.

The camera automatically saves the previous 30 seconds of footage, in which one officer can be seen placing something in the vehicle as the other policemen step away. Later, another officer discovers narcotics in the car.

Prosecutors have since dropped all charges placed against the individual who owned the car, but Debbie Katz Levi of the Baltimore City Public Defender says the pair of videos potentially uncover a disturbing trend.

"The lack of transparency to the public and refusal to disclose to the defence both prejudices defendants and violates the prosecutor's constitutional obligations," she says in a statement.

"Hundreds of individuals are awaiting trial on cases that rely on these officers, and hundreds more have likely been convicted based on their testimony."

The two officers in the first piece of footage have been placed under investigation, and 34 felony cases that were reliant on their testimonies have now been dismissed.

A full investigation into corruption within Baltimore's police department is underway.