Video: Curious great white shark nibbles on GoPro

Video: Curious great white shark nibbles on GoPro
Photo credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Researchers studying great white sharks in the Atlantic have had a spectacular up-close view of one curious critter.

The great white, around 3.6m long, was intrigued by a GoPro camera dropped in its waters and came up to investigate.

Like a giant puppy, it chose to investigate with its mouth.

The encounter was captured on video as the great white tried to put the camera in its mouth, catching an incredible up-close look at those notoriously fearsome teeth.

It was part of a regular research trip by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, off Cape Cod.

Researcher Dr Greg Skomal said the sharks are usually quite shy and ignore the camera - but when they are intrigued, they'll have a bit of a nibble.

"One of the ways they answer their curiosity is to do a test bite," he told local media.

Fortunately, the camera wasn't damaged in the close encounter.