Video: South Carolina police officer shot at point-blank range

  • 12/08/2017

Warning: This video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

A South Carolina police officer has videoed himself being shot at point-blank range.

The officer survived the shooting, but the pictures are confronting.

The video was shown to a jury considering an attempted murder charge against the gunman.

On New Year's Day 2016, officer Quincy Smith responded to a call about a suspicious person in Estill, South Carolina.  

The video was recorded by camera glasses he bought himself on Amazon for US$30.

As Mr Smith approached the suspect, 29-year-old Malcolm Orr pulled a gun from his pocket and opened fire. Orr fired eight times - half those shots wounding Mr Smith in his arm, neck and torso.

A year and a half later, Mr Smith recalled the terror of that moment.

"The first shot hit me in the neck, and it felt like something flicked me in the neck," said Mr Smith. "It was enough force to knock me on my back."

The officer retreated to his car to call for back-up, as Orr kept shooting.

"I thought I was going to die right then, and I told dispatch to tell my family I love them, because I thought I wasn't going to make it."

Responding officers arrested Orr. 

This week, that video helped convict Orr of attempted murder. He received the maximum sentence of 35 years in prison.

Mr Smith remains on medical leave and hopes to return to work at the start of next year. All of the department's 15 officers are now required to wear body cameras.

CBS News