What being struck by lightning looks like

Lightning strike
The lightning left a strange mark in the image. Photo credit: Facebook/Dave Moylan

A man taking a photo at the exact moment he was struck by lightning has a unique memento of the shocking encounter.

The man, an Australian known only as Matias, was reportedly hiking through California when the bolt from the blue hit him as he was taking snaps atop Tinkers Knob.

In a post on Facebook, the California Highway Patrol Valley Air Operations (CHPVAO) group said the experienced hiker sustained major burns.

"The victim was hiking ahead of them when they heard a large crack and saw a flash of light at the top of Tinkers Knob where the victim was standing," CHPVAO said.

"Worried about subsequent strikes, the two friends remained off the ridge and called 911 for help. They attempted to make voice contact from a safe distance with the victim. He eventually started to wave his arms and yell to them."

The photographs were uploaded to Facebook group I Love the Sierra, reports the Daily Mail.

The snap taken as the lightning hit has a strange orange and white beam through it.

The CHPVAO warned people against hiking in bad weather.

"With all of the afternoon thunderstorms, it is imperative to check the weather prior to hiking in the mountains. If lightning is expected, stay off the granite boulders and peaks. You have a high probability of being struck by lightning."