Woman survives her third terror attack

A 26-year-old woman has faced her third brush with terror, surviving the deadly van attack in Barcelona just months after getting caught up in the Paris and London Bridge incidents.

Julie Monaco was roaming around shops with friends when a van ploughed through the streets of Barcelona, killing 13 people and leaving over a hundred injured.

During her travels around Europe, the Melbourne local also found herself in Notre Dame the same day a police officer was stabbed outside the famous cathedral, as well as being placed on lockdown during a rampage in London Bridge.

Ms Monaco described the latest terror event in Barcelona as "absolute pandemonium".

"All of a sudden we were locked in the shop and confusion started to sprinkle among the people," she told Australian radio station 3AW.

Ms Monaco says she was told to run to the back of the store, get on the ground away from the windows, and lie as flat as possible.

The experience has rattled her but Ms Monaco has no plans on returning home so soon.

"I don't feel like I want to go home. I feel like I want to stay here and not let them, whoever they might be, win."

The Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the atrocity.