Abusive nanny caught on camera

Warning: This video includes footage that may disturb some viewers.

An abusive nanny has been caught throwing around an infant after a concerned mother followed her gut instinct and installed a hidden camera.

Annemarie Theron, from Zimbabwe but living in Namibia, became suspicious after noticing some bruises on her nine-month-old daughter, Laila.

Ms Theron also noticed Laila seemed to be afraid of the nanny, who had been recommended by a friend, and decided to set up a hidden camera, 7 News reports.

The footage shows the nanny forcefully throwing the baby face-first into her cot, and then returning moments later to pick her up by her feet, swinging the infant as she walks out of shot.

"It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward," Ms Theron told Netwerk24 after posting the footage to Facebook.

She later posted again to Facebook, giving a heartfelt apology to her daughter.

"Please know we love you endlessly and we are SO SO sorry for what you have been through!! We thank the Lord for His protection and faithfulness, that you are still alive and still such a shining ray of light to so many people - you are so loved!!"

It is reported the nanny has since been arrested and charged with child abuse and attempted murder.