Australia marriage equality: Childcare worker loses job over public 'no' vote

A Christian childcare worker in Australia has lost her job because her boss didn't share her opposition to same-sex marriage.

The vote on marriage equality has divided not just the nation, but its national sport too.

Australia's spent AU$130 million encouraging citizens to have their say - but it seems there's a personal cost as well.

Eighteen-year-old Madeline from Canberra lost her job as a children's entertainer for expressing her opinion on same-sex marriage.

"I used the one available profile photo filter that says, 'It's OK to vote no,'" she told local media.

Posting that message on Facebook, connecting her employer with her views, cost her her job.

It's another example of conflict in Australia over a two-month-long postal vote asking if same-sex marriage should be legal.

Rugby league, cricket and rugby union have all campaigned for the law to be changed and on Wednesday the national sport, Aussie Rules, saw its governing body join them.

"It just shows how united the AFL is on this issue. I think it's just the right step it's the right thing to do," AFL player Ben Brown said.

But the AFL isn't united at all and one of its teams has staged a revolt. Melbourne club Carlton is refusing to join the league's support for same-sex marriage.

The clashes are what critics warned could happen in putting the issue to a public vote, unlike New Zealand's Parliamentary action.

There are also concerns over voter fraud. Unmarked ballot papers have been dumped in the streets and some have tried to sell theirs online.

The 'yes' campaign has high-profile backing, from Australia's Prime Minister to its major cities.

But the bid to vote 'no' has plenty of resources and seems to be gaining ground.

The latest poll shows 55 percent intend to vote yes to same-sex marriage, down four points from a fortnight ago, while the 'no' vote is up to 34 percent.

Support for change is still well ahead but there are 55 days to go, and it seems division in Australia is widening.