Australian lamb ad sparks religious controversy

The ad has sparked a lot of controversy.
The ad has sparked a lot of controversy. Photo credit: Youtube/We Love Our Lamb

An Australian meat lobby group has found itself in trouble after the release of its latest ad.

The ad by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) depicts several religious figures including Jesus, L.Ron Hubbard and Ganesh enjoying a barbeque of Australian lamb. 

The central message of the ad is that everyone can eat lamb, regardless of background or religion.

However the video contains a significant inaccuracy. Ganesh, a Hindu god prominently featured in the ad, does not eat meat. Followers of the Hindu faith are often vegetarian.

Facebook commenters were quick to slam the ad, saying "Utter stupidity, a simply dreadful example of ignorance and lack of respect of the beliefs of others" and "this one is really offensive, shows a total lack of research and respect for certain religions".

This isn't the first time MLA has gotten in trouble for its advertising. 

Twice they have taken aim at vegans for disliking meat and in 2016 their ad was the most complained about in Australia due to inciting violence against vegans.