Chainsaw wielding nun cleans up Miami after Hurricane Irma

Footage of a nun clearing hurricane debris in Miami with a chainsaw is being shared widely online. 

The video was taken by an off-duty police officer, who recorded Sister Margaret Ann hard at work and then posted it on the Miami-Dade Police Facebook page. It's been shared nearly 3000 times since.    

"The road was blocked, we couldn't get through and I saw somebody spin in the mud and almost go into a wall, going off the road. So, there was a need, I had the means - so I wanted to help out," Sister Margaret told CNN.

Her actions have been praised by people online.

"That is a true woman of God. Get behind that chainsaw and chain saw thru to victory," one Facebook user commented.

"She's a true worker for the Lord God Almighty."

"Chainsawing in a habit is not a good habit, she is going to get severely injured when the chain grabs the cloth," warned another.

Sister Margaret is the principal of a local high school, which took to its own Facebook page following the footage going online to state: "We are so blessed to have her and the Carmelite Sisters at our school. We are proud of the example they show for our students and other members of the community every day."

Hurricane Irma is estimated to have caused over USD $100 billion in damages.