Charges laid over Tony Abbott headbutt

Assault charges have been laid against a man who headbutted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Thursday.

DJ Astro 'Funknukl' Labe, 38, told 7 News he was "never going to get the opportunity to head butt that c**t again... so I seized a moment".

Mr Abbott alleges the Hobart man, who was wearing a 'vote yes' sticker, headbutted him after asking to shake his hand.

The former Prime Minister of Australia was understood to be attending a Young Liberal cocktail party when the incident occurred, which left him with a swollen lip.

'Vote yes' is an equality campaign established in the midst of Australia's gay-marriage postal vote.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics began the postal survey earlier this month to gauge public interest in allowing same-sex marriage.

A majority result of yes to the same-sex marriage vote could encourage MPs to move towards a law change.

Labe told 7 News he isn't affiliated with the 'vote yes' campaign. He was only wearing the sticker because a friend had just given it to him, he says, but that wasn't the motivation of his headbutt.

"But I like human rights, so that's why I hate Tony Abbott."

Labe says "for the record", he regrets his actions.

"I'm legally obliged to, I'm not going to help my case if I say anything different.

"I don't condone or believe in violence against humans."

He has pleading guilty to a minor assault charge.