Couple discovers a highly venomous snake in bed

An eastern brown snake.
An eastern brown snake. Photo credit: Getty / file

An Australian couple in their 30s got the shock of their lives after finding a highly venomous snake in their bedroom on Wednesday morning.

The discovery of the eastern brown snake led to a distressed call to snake catcher Stewart Lalor at around 10am.

"I received a call from a woman informing me about the snake," he told Daily Mail Australia. "She told me that it was on their bedroom."

"But when I got there, the snake had quickly moved up to the couple's bed and I eventually found it under their blanket."

Mr Lalor added that eastern browns fortunately have no interest in humans and are only dangerous when interacted with - however, a situation like this could've become quickly unfavourable.

He reported that the snake was removed within minutes.

It has now been relocated to a creek in south Brisbane.