Disturbing footage of horrific 'monster' pigs emerges

The huge "Hulk-like pigs" have been bred in Cambodia.
The huge "Hulk-like pigs" have been bred in Cambodia. Photo credit: Duroc Cambodia / Facebook

Disturbing footage has been uncovered of monster pigs being bred in captivity in Cambodia.

The videos show the pigs covered with giant swollen muscles, to the extent they can't walk properly.

The beasts fight each other over their feed, squealing and shoving each other. Another clip shows a pig struggling to walk under the weight of its muscles while a farmer drives it on.

The animals appear to have been created by a company called Duroc Cambodia, which offers boar semen for sale so other farmers can breed their own.

By increasing the pigs' muscle mass far beyond what's normal, breeders get more meat to sell - but at a horrific cost.

"Breeders have exploited natural double-muscling, which occurs in Belgian Blue cattle, to create behemoth animals who suffer from a slew of health problems - just to yield slightly larger profits," animal rights group PETA says.

"Hulk-like pigs are the stuff of nightmares, not meals, and those who are genetically engineered are also likely to be born with painful health issues."

The footage has left people disgusted at the pigs' condition.

"This breaks my heart how many people don't give a flying f**k about animals and how they are treated," one person says.

"This is disgusting!!! Those poor pigs can't even hold their heads up s**t looks painful af if you ask me!!! This is HORRIBLE," another said.