Donald Trump's North Korea tweets 'a good thing' - US Ambassador to NZ


The US Ambassador to New Zealand has defended Donald Trump's use of social media to lambast North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, saying it is actually "a good thing".

There have been calls for Twitter to delete Mr Trumps' tweets after he used the platform to imply Kim Jong Un "won't be around much longer".

But US Ambassador Scott Brown told The AM Show Mr Trump's comments have put Americans at rest.

"The fact that the President communicates in a new social medium is, I think, a good thing. People in America appreciate that, they like the fact he doesn't have to go through traditional media channels," Mr Brown said.

Mr Brown said Mr Trump was saying what needed to be said.

"You got a guy lobbing rockets around the region, that's the problem.

"The fact that President Trump has actually spoken up, he's actually been, I think, brilliant in getting three UN Security Council votes - unanimous votes - condemning those actions."

New Zealand should share the US' concern about the possibility of a missile from North Korea, Mr Brown said.

"I have great concerns when you hear about the North Korean leader's going to drop an H Bomb in the Pacific, well who does that affect? That affects the Pacific Islands, that affects New Zealand, our fishing, obviously the air, the environment."

Mr Brown said the US is currently preparing for any kind of scenario.