'Drinky Bill' the koala helps with Australian wine tasting

'Drinky Bill' the koala helps with Australian wine tasting
Photo credit: Nicholas Dugmore / YouTube

A koala that wandered into an Australian vineyard has found a way to earn his keep, helping out with wine tasting at the venue.

In a video posted to YouTube on 26 September the koala can be seen clinging to a post and sniffing the wine.

Winemaker Nicholas Dugmore offered the marsupial a glass of The Lane Vineyard chardonnay straight from the barrel.

Clearly appreciative of a "koalaity" bouquet "Drinky Bill" can be seen thoughtfully sniffing the wine's bouquet as Mr Dugmore swirls it in the glass.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Dugmore admits that he didn't expect the koala to play along with the joke before he began filming.

"I didn't think he'd put his nose in the glass and have a sniff," he said.

"It was perfect timing, I guess it's a pretty random smell for him so he was pretty intrigued." 

The koala earned the moniker "Drinky Bill" in reference to the popular Australian cartoon koala Blinky Bill.