Great white shark washes up on Sydney's Manly Beach

Swimmers fled from the water at an Australian beach on Monday after a great white shark washed up - next to the safe swimming flags.

The 1.8m shark thrashed around at Manly Beach in Sydney while the shark alarm went off.

Witnesses told 7News the shark appeared to have a broken jaw. It had been struggling in the water, before getting trapped by the rocks.

"It looked in a really bad way... it didn't have the strength to deal with the waves," one rescuer told 7News.

Lifeguards tried to move the shark to deeper water, but it kept returning. Manly Sea Life Sanctuary workers were then called to help move the shark away from the beach.

The shark was lifted into a car, transferred into a sling then taken to the nearby Fairy Bower Pool. The shark was seen charging into the walls of the pool.

The shark will remain in the pool while it's monitored and treated. Witnesses say it appears disorientated.