Hamburger-flipping robot gets first job

  • 22/09/2017
Hamburger-flipping robot gets first job
Photo credit: Miso Robotics

It's news that will have fast-food workers trembling in their boots - an automated robot has been put to work flipping burgers in the city of Pasadena, California.

According to tech news site TechCrunch, the robot - unsurprisingly named Flippy - has been installed in a Caliburger restaurant. There are plans to install one in all 49 of its outlets in the next few years.

Created by California-based start-up Miso Robotics, Flippy is a specialised industrial six-axis robotic arm that is bolted in front of a grill or fryer and features a "spinning spatula" that cooks the food.

Technically called a 'robotic kitchen assistant', Flippy is capable of receiving data from thermal as well as 3D sensors can take orders via a digital ticketing system.

As well as basic flipping, the unit is also capable of grabbing and unwrapping food, keeping track of cooking time and then plating the food so that a human chef is able to add garnishes. 

Caliburger has a contract for exclusive use of robotic kitchen assistants over the next six months, but from then on any interested party will be able to buy one for NZ$81,000 - the equivalent of paying two-and-a-half minimum wage workers for a year.

The future is bright for Flippy, with plans to introduce new features soon - such as artificial intelligence and advanced computer imaging.