Hitler's underpants up for auction

hitlers underwear for sale
The German dictator giving a speech. Photo credit: Getty

A pair of Adolf Hitler's underpants will be auctioned this week in Maryland USA, alongside various other pieces of Nazi memorabilia, including a signed copy of Mein Kampf.

The monogrammed white linen boxers are valued at up to $5000, and according to the auction house's website, are "surprisingly large", measuring 19 inches long. 

Alexander Historical Auctions, who will be conducting the sale, put the unusual size down to the famous fascist's terrible dress sense, commenting on their website,  

"It is no secret, of course, that Hitler was in general an atrocious dresser and preferred the loosest clothing." 

Hitler's underwear
Hiter's personal monogram. Photo credit: Alexander Historical Auctions.

It is believed the German dictator left the underpants in a hotel in Austria when he visited in 1938, and are now being sold by the hotel's owners.

The underwear are described as being in "as new condition" and will be up for auction September 13 -14.