Internet divided over feet on airline armrest

What would you do if somebody slid their bare feet through the gaps onto your airline seat?

It's a question that has the internet divided after an American woman shared a photo of her tedious trip, where a pair of well-manicured feet cosied up on her armrest.

Jasmine Mays, from Nevada, has had her Facebook video viewed more than 20 million times since it was posted last week, with many sparking up theories about how they would handle the unwanted intruder in their personal space.

"I would've put my elbow right on that big toe lol," one person commented.

"I would've fake sneezed on her foot," another said.

"You should have tickled her feet," a third user said.

However others were a little more understanding.

"But her feet don't look ugly tho?! Did I miss something..."

"At least she has pretty feet!"

Based on Ms Mays' hilarious reaction in her video, she wasn't so forgiving.