Shocking twist 27 years after woman was 'murdered by clown'

Sheila Keen Warren (right) has been charged with first-degree murder.
Sheila Keen Warren (right) has been charged with first-degree murder. Photo credit: Getty/ Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office

A clown who shot and killed a woman 27 years ago has been arrested, and police believe they have solved the haunting case. 

On May 26 1990, Marlene Warren answered the door at her home in South Florida to a clown who offered her balloons and flowers and then shot her in the face. 

The clown then calmly walked down the driveway and drove away.

Warren died two days later in hospital and until now it has been a mystery as to who was behind the clown mask.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office reopened the case last month and charged Sheila Warren with first-degree murder, she was arrested this week. 

Sheila Warren lives with her husband Michael Warren whom she married in 2002 - that's the same man Marlene Warren was married to when she died in 1990. 

Police reopened the case in 2014 when they learned of the marriage. Sheila Warren was an initial suspect in the investigation but an arrest was never made.

Witnesses were re-interviewed and a new DNA analysis was conducted, according to a Palm Beach Country Sherriff's Office press release. It was learned that Sheila Keen and Michael Warren were living in Tennessee running a restaurant together called The Purple Cow and probable cause was established linking Sheila Keen to the murder.

An arrest warrant was obtained on August 31 and she was arrested on September 26 in Washington County, Virginia.

The first report about the shooting in the Miami Herald in 1990 said the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office had little information from witnesses: "There was no description, just red hair and a Bozo nose."