Law student found dead in Ibiza with 'bag of ecstasy in her stomach'

Ecstasy pills
Ecstasy pills Photo credit: Getty

Rebecca Brock, 18, was supposed to be enjoying her friend's birthday in Ibiza but was instead found dead in a pool of her own blood.

Speaking to the Nottingham Coroners Court in the UK on Monday (UK time) Brock's mother expressed her belief that her daughter was forced to be a drug mule.

"She wouldn't take any pills easily - I can't imagine that getting in her body at all. If she didn't have to take a pill she wouldn't do because she couldn't swallow it. I can't see any other way than someone making that happen."

She overdosed on ecstasy in September 2015 after a bag of the drug burst in her stomach.

Brock was studying law and was taking part in a study abroad programme at the time having had a difficult year before her trip due to a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and dramatic weight loss.

Nottinghamshire Coroner Mairin Casey summarised that "Becky was an engaging young person, was extremely sociable and had many friends including sustained friendships"

"How these bags were in her stomach we will never know. On this trip to Ibiza nobody actually saw Becky take drugs at the time, that is my understanding."

"What is plain is that nobody can give an explanation as to how this came into her system."