Nikon promotes camera with 32 male-only guest photographers

Nikon's new promotion features 32 men.
Nikon's new promotion features 32 men. Photo credit: Nikon Asia

Nikon's new promotion which "demonstrates the versatility" of their newest camera with 32 male-only photographers has copped a heavy backlash.

The all-male cast of "creative individuals" were selected by the company from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia to put the latest camera to the test.

But it left many female photographers wondering if the camera was gender-specific.

"What an insult to female photographers," one Twitter user commented.

With escalating calls for women to boycott the company, Nikon said it had invited women, but none of them were able to take part.

"[We] appreciate the support from our photography community to see better participation from female photographers as well," Nikon Asia said on Twitter.

"Unfortunately, the female photographers we had invited for this meet were unable to attend, and we acknowledge that we had not put enough of a focus on this area."

But it seems not many people were buying their apology.

"Nikon, your 'excuse' that ALL women invited couldn't make it is ridiculous and you know it," one said.

"Guess they forgot to invite me?" Nikon ambassador Lynsey Addario questioned.